Received just the Components, no Laptop

I’m so confused. Got a package from Framework today that I’ve been waiting for, but it was a mailing envelope, not a box… In that envelope was a WiFi module and two sticks of RAM… No laptop, no IO modules. Has this happened to anyone else?!

Have you checked it against the tracking number for the laptop on your account page? It is possible they had to send some of the components separately for some reason.

Thought about that too… Sadly, nope.

Matches the only tracking number provided in the portal.

That is… odd. Extra words.

@JoshuaB That is not expected, could you reach out to support at the bottom of the page?

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Thanks. I have an email in to support already, and am hoping to hear back soon.

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I had this happen as well and contacted support. They found the bug and think they’ve fixed it, and are getting the rest of the system ready to ship shortly.