Package missing wifi card

I just received my batch 3 DIY edition, but I noticed there is no wifi card in the package. I double checked that my order did have it included, has anyone else run into this?

If you confirmed it to be in your order, contact support. Mistakes happen. Based on how they’ve handled other user’s issues, they’ll probably send you the missing piece in no time.

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Why ask us, just contact Framework support and let them handle it. Mistakes can happen.

Already contacted support, was just curious if other folks had run into this. It’s a huge bummer, FedEx already delayed delivery quite a bit and I get to look at my shiny new laptop that isn’t really usable until then :slightly_frowning_face:

I mean you can still use it with a wireless USB-adapter or a USB Ethernet adapter until the card comes in (if you have one).

I had accidentally thrown away my wifi card with the package. It’s small and light and can be missed. Luckily I figured it out when I went to install and didn’t have a wifi device and was able to retrieve it.

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The wireless card does not come installed in the DIY version I believe. I almost missed mine in the packaging as well, then found the small anti-static bag and installed.

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It’s definitely not hiding in the packaging, I took it all apart and checked everything.

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You can always cancel that portion of your order and get it from Amazon, probably overnight if FW won’t, but from what I’ve read, they’ve been really taking care of people that have had order mistakes.