Recent Customs Issues with Framework Laptop Orders (UK, FR, DE)

To our friends in the UK, Germany, and France:

Earlier this week, we identified an issue with incorrect prices printed on Commercial Invoices (CI). We have since corrected this issue; however, the majority of Batch 8 orders had already shipped with the CI showing incorrect pricing. As a result, we have started to see issues during the customs clearance process to get your order into your country. If you’ve already reached out to us, thank you for flagging and know that we are actively working on a quick resolution for you. We’ve escalated to our shipping partner, and are continuing to monitor shipments. If you’ve already received your order, then it went through customs without any issue, and no further steps are needed.

We are so excited to start supporting you, and as we follow this first shipment batch to Europe, we are certainly learning from our mistakes and working hard to improve our processes.

Thank you for being an early adopter, and for hanging in there with us through these first shipments. We can’t wait to get a Framework Laptop in your hands!


Is there any ETA on when stuck orders will get through? I contacted framework support yesterday because my parcel was stuck for a few days but haven’t heard back yet. I understand that you’re probably busy sorting this out but a rough estimate for how long this could take would be much appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

We’re still working with our partner to correct all of this. They are in Taiwan, so timezones have made this a challenge. We are meeting with them again tonight, and did last night as well. We’ll keep everyone updated, but I don’t have an estimate at this time. Anything I threw out there would likely be wrong.

Hello all. We’ve been in contact with both our fulfillment partners and associated couriers and nearly all of the customers affected that wrote in to Framework Support now see movement on their laptop orders. If you encounter an issue with the courier (DHL/DPD) where they will not release your package or require payment for release, please contact Framework Support immediately so we can investigate with our fulfillment partners to resolve any outstanding issues.


I just got contacted today by DHL Germany asking for the EORI number.
Looks like there’s still work to be done to resolve the issue.

EORI: An Economic Operators Registration and Identification number is a European Union registration and identification number for businesses which undertake the import or export of goods into or out of the EU.