Recess/slot for micro sd to sd memory card adaptor in expansion card

With the upcoming release of the full size SD card reader, I was wondering that it would be neat if a functioning expansion card could carry a micro sd to sd memory card adaptor by either:

a) having the adaptor fit in a slot (but the adaptor may stick out and be not secure and be vulnerable to damage)
b) having the adaptor fit flat in a recessed area on the top of the expansion card. (i think this is more secure, but you do have to remove the expansion card get the adaptor out and put it back, but i think this option is better. However the expansion card is like half a milimeter shorter than the length of a full size sd card, so it may not be physically possible unless you have a slanted recess ontop a usbc pass through card, but i doubt if even that would work with the height of the ports inside.)

I realize that there may not be enough space to integrate this slot or recess in the full size sd card itself. If this is the case i think out best shot would be to try implement it in the usbc passthrough card.

The design of the SD expansion card is already finished. So I think it’s much too late for even minor changes.

looking at the size of the slot, I don’t think an adapter would even fit anywhere on top