Recommended laptop bags / cases / sleeves?

Does anyone know if the North Face Recon Backpack (48 cm x 27.9 cm) could fit the FW16 with GPU? It is about 10mm too small, but I was hoping that it might fit but just tightly.

Do you have a link to this item?

I’m not sure, if the link will help you in any way, as I can’t see my bag any more. It was the A49 model with luggage strap, which was a tad bigger than the A42 without strap. They only sell the A42 model now, the insides are too small with dGPU module. Without, it will fit.ülle-Umhängetasche-Schwarz/dp/B076WVDC1M/

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Do you guys have a small lip on the trackpad panel? The corner between the keyboard and track pad has a small lip on mine, it’s a barely noticeable but it is there. It got me concerned after a fellow framework laptop 16 owner had their screen damaged as a result of it. Which now makes me wonder if it’s a good idea to put this laptop in any bag and risk the screen getting cracked. I definitely need to find a roomy and spacious bag if I plan to go out with it (for my own peace of mind). All the bags I’ve found are too tight and need force.

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The trackpad panel and associated spacers are flush with the base frame of the notebook. The keyboard sits a little lower, the keys are a little higher.
The trackpad panel does lift up a tiny bit along the edge of the keyboard, but is still lower than the keys themselves. I don’t think the screen is in danger if the input deck is properly installed. If you close the notebook, the screen should lie flat on the base.

I will put this between keyboard and display:ätebildschirme-Chemikalienfrei-Antistatisch/dp/B092ZSSQQ4/?_encoding=UTF8

Maybe not necessary, but you always got a cloth with you to clean the display or anything else.

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I wound up getting the saddleback front pocket briefcase in black. My spouse likes that better than the brown of the Adrian Klis bag. It arrived the day after I had to go on a trip, so i transferred things over once I was back, and will see how it is when I next travel. I am looking at picking up some sort of small portfolio type case to hold pens, phone, kindle, etc, as the briefcase has two large open internal compartments as well as the external pockets. So if you have any suggestions on that front, I’m all ears!

Thanks again for the recommendation, and have a great evening!

My Razer Rogue V3 16" backpack fits the FW16 very nicely in the laptop pocket. It’s a bit close with the dGPU but still comfortably accommodates it.

I got bored and bent the touch pad slightly frigging perfect fitment. It’s flush now

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I travel every weekend and needed something quick (and cheap, if I’d be looking for better options later) to haul around my 16 w/ dGPU.

This bag fits the laptop with room to spare. With the catchy name “KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Fits up to 17.3 Inch Laptop,” I wasn’t sure if it would fit or not. It fits with the dGPU, it has 2 laptop pockets (I use the second for a portable USB-C monitor), and space for other stuff in the large main compartment, and all my cables, chargers, and the framework screwdriver (in pen pocket) in the front compartment.

It’s not perfect. It probably should have a bit more padding for the laptop compartment. In fact, I’m not sure if there’s any on the bottom of the laptop sleeves. And it feels like a cheap backpack (which it is… at time of review, Amazon US has it for $32, and same-day delivery in my area). But it’s held up for the past month, and has protected my Framework 16 during weekend travel well enough that I haven’t looked for an alternative yet.

My previous daily commuter bag was a $120 PacSafe bag, but it didn’t fit the 16, so it was replaced. (I now work from home, so daily commuting with a laptop is no longer a concern for me.)

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Just wondering, does anyone have an LTT backpack where the FW16 didn’t fit with the dGPU attached?

In my case FW16 only fits with the basic shell in the sleeve.
With dGPU it only fits in the compartment itself instead the sleeve.

Mine definitely does not fit… But I put it in the main compartment and will be sleeving it up so that wouldn’t fit anyhow.

Outdoor Research Field Explorer Pack - 20L
Laptop pocket fits the 16 with dGPU.
It will also fit the 16 with a Crush Case if you want to increase the padding.

I also note that the laptop pocket does not extend all the way down, keeping it off the bottom.

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For everyone, at least in Germany, I don’t know if they’re shipping international, who wants something unique and loves the idea of upcycling, the Feuerwear Scott 15 and 17 should fit the FW 16 without dgpu module and inside the included separate laptop sleeve. If you’re using the dgpu module, you may have to bring your own sleeve to put it into this bag. It should fit inside the main compartment.
These bags are made of used fire hoses, they wash and clean them, cut them to pieces and sew them into different bags, backpacks and even smaller things like purses. Since every hose has a different wear and no cut is like the other, they’re truly unique, no bag looks like the other. And if you wait for may 15th, they have limited neon yellow for sale, since these hoses are not (yet) used very frequently. You have to be fast, though, they are sold in minutes.

Have a look yourself:


The FW16 with dGPU “fits” into an STM Myth 18L backpack however it is a very tight fit in the laptop divider and even in the main pocket the laptop corners are pushing on the edges of the bag. If you had an FW16 without the dGPU it would probably be a fairly reasonable fit.

I customized a TimBuk2 messenger bag (17" version) to be styled similarly to the Framework 16. I think it turned out great! Not only does it look great and feel sturdy, but there’s also plenty of room. I don’t have the dGPU, but I’ve little doubt it would fit comfortably as well.

For anyone curious, the Pelican case I linked somewhere above also fits inside here for double protection. I don’t think it’s necessary though, I have the optional laptop padded sleeve insert which feels like it would to a better job protecting than my previous messenger. The sleeve insert is also suspended over the bottom of the bag.

I used the Terracotta, Steel, and Sand colors to make this combo. In total it was about $200 USD after adding all the optionals.


Shoutout to Iron_Raptor for the Everki Laptop Bag recommendation on the other thread.

Which I just got and fits the 16 inch framework perfectly. (mine has no GPU but both will fit) Very pleased, very good quality. I got the 17.3 inch size.

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I have a motorcycle airbag vest that has a backpack element that zips on and off. I carry my FW13 in here all the time (usually with the backpack element zipped off and stowed in the rear topbox). It seems like there would be space for the FW16 but I’m not sure.
Anyone else have the Helite H-Moov airbag backpack and a FW16?
Any other Framework motorcycle enjoyers out there?

A link for anyone curious about motorcycle airbag vests: Helite H-Moov Tethered Airbag Backpack - RevZilla

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I ordered this bag and I was looking into a bag like this one or something similar as an alternative. Now, until I can find a similar case or the files are available for this. I am now looking for a safe way to store and travel with the expansion shell.