Reductions for student

Hello, greetings from France !
Would you consider bringing the possibility to buy a Framework laptop at a lower price when you are a student ?
Many brands do this via Unidays for example (Samsung, HP, Apple, Acer,…).
It would be great to have the Framework experience when you only have a student budget :slight_smile: Which is my case haha
Thank you !


UNiDAYS could give your the opportunity to be more famous to have a public of 10M students worldwide. They say they are the largest students network.
I’ve seen in « Introduce yourself » topic many people interested in the project were students, also, many said they wish it could be a bit cheaper.
I really believe working with a worldwide students network, if it’s a money loss for the company, would be a great idea. Even more because we need computers and the young generation is more and more interested in ecological solutions.
You can learn more here : UNiDAYS | Connecting brands + students | Gen Z marketing experts

I hope I will get an answer from the staff :crossed_fingers:

It would be great if there will be a discount option for students via Unidays. I will start to study this year and I really want to buy a FrameWork Laptop but the price is still to high for me and other students.


Warm Greetings! I will also be starting college this fall and would need to get a computer. I would love to get a Framework device but the costs seems little outside for my budget (even for a DIY i11). It would be really great to have an option for students to avail the computer at a discounted price, like most other brands do. I would not like to resort to other brands just due to Framework’s relatively high cost. So, I too wanted to follow up on this request as there hasn’t been any responses from the team.

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Good day to you all!

Being a student, this laptop is, if not, the most ideal device any student could hope for outside of graphics & film editing (I believe Mac generally takes the cake here). It’s repairable (I don’t know about youse but I am of the opinion we are quite hazard prone people’s), decently affordable based off the average maintenance loan (Or if you’re lucky, the bank of mum and dad).

I think with a little push in advertising on campuses etc, Framework has the potential to take over the student space. There is a market for students needing repairs etc and ofc they can save a couple quid with the DIY edition and have another student build it for them!

Additionally, through what I would hope be the university’s existing connections with the local schools etc, spare/retired parts can be donated to computer clubs to help educate younger enthusiasts :slight_smile: if something like Framework had come along when I was a kid I’d have been over the moon and all over it learning as much as I can.

Not to mention, the spare/retired parts market made here could then be used to create affordable Laptops for lower-income families. Since the current price for something new is not actually affordable for said families, the value depreciation here is actually beneficial as a laptop made up of wholly retired parts could be shifted for as little as £120 I reckon.

There is massive potential here and I genuinely hope that Framework is able to stick around and hopefully something like that mentioned above can come to fruition.

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