Reselling Framework Laptop

If you were to sell your Framework laptop, how much would you sell it for? 80% of your original purchase?

Is the current batch on backorder? If general availability has been achieved then you are probably looking at 80% of the original purchase price.

If the laptop is still on backorder, and you have one of the more recent batches then you very likely could get 100% for asking price, simply because people will pay more to have something sooner. You would have to find an impatient buyer though.

The likelihood of getting 100% of original MSRP increases if you are the original owner and still have the original packaging (including the plastic covers for the wifi antennas) and the packaging and laptop are still in mint condition. The maximum probability of getting 100% is if the expansion modules are still in their original packaging (most difficult to replicate that new in box component presentation), as then it would be an open box like new condition.

When buying second hand you do lose out on having a direct relationship with the Framework Computer, Inc. company, but for Windows based laptops I am not sure how important that is to most consumers. I’ve only started to value that with Apple’s 2-factor authentication mechanisms which creates a tremendous value for a direct relationship, almost requiring you to forego 2-factor in order to fully ensure the value of second hand devices (or be very enlightened and responsible with passwords).