[RESOLVED] AMD Ryzen 7040 framework 13 debian testing trixie no external display

I have decided to install debian testing on my framework 13 with ryzen 7040. Because of the kernel version it comes with. The operation is almost perfect except for a couple of details. The problem in question is when connecting an external monitor, if I use the USBc to HDMI adapter and put the main screen on the external screen through the GNOME graphical interface, it starts flashing white until it finally turns off. After this, GNOME continues to detect the monitor as connected, but it remains off. Even if the device is subsequently disconnected and reconnected, the screen does not turn on again. I have tested with two adapters in addition to the one manufactured by Framework and all of them have shown the same behavior:
The UGREEN Revodok Pro 10 In 1:

The Lemorele USB C Hub with Ethernet - 5 in 1:

I don’t know what to try, any ideas? Anyone else with the same problem?

Hi @Aimar_Urteaga ,

What’s the kernel version for current debian testing again?

uname -r


Good news after an update of the packages that included the amd-graphics ones, it has solved itself. So it seems that amd is to blame.


Thanks for the update @Aimar_Urteaga :blush: