[RESPONDED] Debian Bookworm on Framework 13 AMD: external monitor issues

Hi all,

I have Debian Bookworm running on my new Framework 13 (AMD Ryzen) laptop.

I have the official DisplayPort adapter, but when I plug a DisplayPort-to-DVI cable into it, nothing is detected. xrandr shows eDP and DisplayPort-0 up to -7, the DisplayPorts all showing as “not connected”.

The same cable+monitor works fine with the DisplayPort on my desktop machine (also Bookworm).

Running a 6.5 kernel from backports, AMD graphics firmware updated from git.kernel.org as suggested by multiple other posts here.

I will also have a USB-C dock soon, so will give that a try too. But at the moment, I’m out of ideas.

Any thoughts? Might I have missed something obvious?


Welcome to the community!

We do not actively test against Debian, although we do have a solid community support following for it.

Ideally, what we recommend and does work is HDMI from display to HDMI expansion card or DP from display to DP expansion card. Looks like you have a DP expansion card based on your post, however you are trying to pipe DP-to-DVI cable which I believe is where you’re going to see issues.

Docks, adapters (third party cabling) and related are not tested and may not work for pushing video. I have not had access to anything using DVI in a very long time, so it is absolutely not tested unfortunately.


Thanks Matt.

It’s entirely possible that it’s to do with the DP-to-DVI cable. I don’t have a native DP monitor to test that theory though.

I now have my dock (it has 1xVGA and 2xHDMI) and that’s working fine with the VGA output (I have an old monitor, okay? :slight_smile: ). In case this is useful to anyone, it’s an Anker A8389.


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@avf32 are you going going down from DP to DVI or trying to go up from DVI to DP. I’m guessing down since it sounds like the display is DVI, generally going down is fine the issues start when you trying to scale up such as going from VGA to DP and such.

A good starting point for testing to see if it is a Debian issue would be to see if it works in a live disk of Fedora or another supported Linux distro.

@ahoneybun Yeah, going from DP on the laptop to DVI on the monitor. But it works with the USB-C dock, so I’m no longer bothered if it doesn’t work with the cable :slight_smile: