[RESOLVED] Bluetooth headset (airpods) connected properly but no sound output/input option in sound settings


I am using Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy jellyfish on my Framework 13th gen laptop. I managed to successfully connect my airpods with bluetooth in the laptop. However, the sound settings do not have an option to select the bluetooth device. Can anyone please help me fix this?

Thank you.

Which Bluetooth device did you connect? If it has LE or something like that in its name, you need to choose another one, as Linux doesn’t support audio over Bluetooth Low Energy yet.

I don’t have your model, but with my Sony earbuds I have two Bluetooth devices like

Sony wf1000
Sony wf1000 LE

And I have to make sure to not connect to the LE one. Otherwise it connects, but you don’t get the audio device. Same with my old Samsung and Google pixel earphones.

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I am connecting “Airpods Pro”. It doesn’t have LE in the name.

It’s been awhile, but try this for anything Airpod related:

cat /etc/bluetooth/main.conf | grep “ControllerMode”

if you’re staring at

#ControllerMode = dual

You will likely want this to be uncommented as

ControllerMode = bredr

I recommend doing a

sudo cp /etc/bluetooth/main.conf /etc/bluetooth/main.bak

First before editing the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf file in case you need to restore it easily.

Then sudo systemctl restart bluetooth.service or reboot, then pair again.


It works now. Thank you so so much.


Delighted this helped. :slight_smile: