[RESOLVED] Dual boot trouble with Windows 11 and Fedora

I have a new Framework Ryzen 5 and am installing Fedora 39 with Windows 11. I have 160 GB free for Fedora and when I try to install it automatically, I get “Failed to save storage configuration” which changes to “Error checking storage configuration”. When I try a custom install and have the installer create the mount points automatically, I get “Automatic partitioning failed”. When I click for details, I get "unable to allocate requested partition scheme. When I try to manually add a mount point for /boot/efi for 1 gib, I get “Failed to add new device” and in details, I get the “Unable to allocate requested partition scheme” message again. The installer says that I have 160 GiB available space. I turned off fast startup in Windows and there is no change. I assume I’m making a simple error, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Not sure if this help, but I’m dual booting windows and Ubuntu.

I installed windows first. Then went into window’s disk utility. Shrunk the volume.

Then in the Ubuntu installer, manual partition, selected the empty space, format to ex4 with “/“ as the mount point, and it’s been working well for me.

Maybe try resizing from the current OS and not the installer?

I resized from Windows already. I tried creating a mount point for /, but it still requires a /boot/efi which the installer won’t let me create.

Try setting the existing partition nvme0n1p1 or equivalent first partition of the windows drive to be /boot/efi.

I assume do this in the Fedora live environment using the Gnome disk utility?

No, you set mountpoints in the live environment’s installer, not Disks. Go through the install process as normal, but click one of the custom partition options. Allocate a new partition as / and edit the first partition on the disk (it was created by Windows) as /boot/efi. That’s basically all I do for my installs since I don’t use btrfs, swap partitions, or a separate /home partition.

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Thanks, that did the trick. Are you having any issues with dual booting?

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Windows (10 for me) pitches a fit about wanting to check the disk if Linux opened the ntfs partition last boot, and you may have to mess with RTC settings to get the clocks to be the same, but other than that no issues.

Also make sure to fix your boot order after firmware updates.

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