[RESPONDED] Fedora 39 & Windows 11 dual boot issue FW AMD 13

I’m posting this in the Linux section in the hope that someone else has run in to this issue.

I installed Windows 11 on my AMD 13 (I need it sometimes) and then I installed Fedora 39. I used this as a guide:

Everything has been great on the Fedora side, but today I attempted to use Windows and it did not boot. It just drops me back at the grub menu. After a few tries Windows attempted a repair, but it didn’t work.

I assume I will need to boot from my windows install media and attempt to repair, but I don’t want to break Fedora.

Does anyone have a quick fix, or should I give up on the dual boot idea and just run windows in a VM?


As Windows is well-known to occasionally mess with boot entries when it updates, I heavily recommend booting whichever of the two operating systems you use less off of the SSD expansion card, and install the other on your NVMe drive.
When I used to work at System76, I heard horror stories all the time of someone updating Windows and it making their Linux partition unbootable.

Thanks, that what I used to do with my Gen1 but my expansion card died. I’ll have to pick up another one.

An update in case anyone else has this issue. I cloned my SSD with clonezilla (just in case this didn’t work) and reinstalled Windows 11 to it’s original partition. For some reason this did not clobber Fedora or grub, it just made a new EFI boot entry. I put Fedora back on top of the EFI boot order an now I can dual boot again, even from grub.

Of course the Windows 11 reinstall wiped my user profile, but that’s windows for you.

In my honest opinion, VM. I won’t be able to be of much help if Windows decides to steam roll your boot record.

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