[RESOLVED]Fingerprints lost after suspend or reboot - Fedora 39

Hi all,

I followed a guide to enable disk encryption together with setting up snapper for snapshots and during the process a very basic installation of Fedora 39 is installed for you to then carry on and install what you want.

I’ve followed a couple of guides here and used the appimage tool to clear previously registered fingerprints and I can get the fingerprint reader working and registering fingerprints but for some reason all the settings get lost following a reboot or waking up from sleep.

The fingerprint app within gnome settings shows as disabled and no fingerprints registered, however I definitely had it working about 30 minutes before.

This worked perfectly with a regular install from a LiveUSB so I’m either definitely missing a setting somewhere or a package isn’t installed following this minimal install.

Is anyone able to help diagnose this one?


All please ignore this.

I’ve realised that its due to the snapper rollback - /var/lib/fprint where the fingerprints are stored isn’t excluded when rolling back snapshots and therefore the contents is lost each time.

I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to exclude this - nothing wrong with the install or a missing service etc, its down to how the snapshots are working.


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No worries, glad you found the issue.

Likely going to mean adding something along the lines of FILTERS="exclude /var/lib/fprint" in /etc/snapper/configs/blah

In any event, marking the thread as solved. :slight_smile: