[RESOLVED] Gen12, Debian 12: Powermanagement (can't find the guide)

Hi there!
I just installed Debian 12.2 on my Gen12 machine without any problems. Powe- Profile-Daemon was installed by default, while previous Debians preferred to install TLP AFAIR.
I’m pretty sure I read somewhere here in a guide by @Matt_Hartley that people with Intel-based Frameworks should go back to using TLP, while AMD machines should use Power Profile Daemon.

Is this still correct? Is TLP still the better choice for a Gen12 frame?
And could someone please provide the link to the guide? I can’t seem to find it…
Thanks very much!

Hi @L_K,

For Intel, yes, this is the config we use (Ubuntu). Debian is completely untested, but there is a community guide.

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Hello @Matt_Hartley !
Thanks for the link. It worked for Debian 12, too.

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Nice! That’s good to hear! :slight_smile:

Hello @Matt_Hartley !
May I ask one further question:
The guide advises to use as few expansion cards as possible.
Does this also apply to USB-C and USB-A cards, or are these just pass through and do not consume more energy than the USB-C sockets in the module bays in bare chassis?

C are complete pas-through, the A ones not.

All expansion cards, they are USB devices pulling power. While we work to minimize power draw (ongoing process of work), what we recommend in the guide is correct.

Hi @Matt_Hartley !
Thanks once again for your reply and help!
As all expansion cards (even those with USB-C only) draw additional power it might be an idea to offer some dummy expansion cards with no function simply to be able to close unused bays?

Even the usb-c to usb-c ones? I thought they were straight passthroughs.

Charging passthrough, so if something is attached.

Not everything passthrough?

I was pretty sure all they did was wire every pin from the male usb-c to the female usb-c, is there something else going on there?