[RESOLVED] Google chrome quality is down


I set up my new framework laptop today and I am loving it!! This laptop is awesome.

I started using google chrome as a browser and while initially everything was looking great, changing a few settings (trying to fix the linux finerprint reader problem) reduced the resolution in google chrome. Everywhere else (settings, terminal), the resolution is great.

Does anyone know where I can reset chrome resolution?

Thank you.

Probably some fractional scaling setting in your system settings dialog, but hard to say without knowing what Linux you use.

hi @Ramansh_Sharma ,

May we know what Linux distribution you are currently using?
and also describe more on how you “reduced the resolution in google chrome” ?


Hi! Maybe try setting Ozone Platform in chrome://flags to Wayland!

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Hello everyone. Thank you for your replies.

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 on my Framework.

@Loell_Framework, I am not sure how this ended up happening. But today, both Google chrome and discord have a lower resolution (settings app and terminal are fine). I am not sure what setting is causing this.

This definetly seems like an xwayland issue. Electron apps don’t scale well. Chrome can be fixed using the flag I mentioned above if it is indeed an xwayland issue! Passing flags to Discord is painful.

Oh wow. Sorry, I forgot to try your approach before. It works now! Thank you.


@Shiroudan, do you know how to do this in Discord too by any chance?

Heya! I never managed myself, but I found Hyprland’s wiki a great source for disabling xwayland:

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Delighted to hear this has been resolved @Ramansh_Sharma, thanks again @Shiroudan :slight_smile: Also, excellent resource (your link)!

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