[RESOLVED] How do I install BIOS updates with Linux

I have a 11th Gen Framework 13, currently at BIOS version 3.07. I would like to update it to the current version 3.19. The laptop has only Fedora linux installed.

There are only downloads for Windows 10 and 11. How can I update the BIOS if I only have Linux installed?

Details can be found at BIOS and Drivers Downloads

You will also find Linux specific details in the laptop generation docs for your firmware.

Looking at https://knowledgebase.frame.work/en_us/framework-laptop-bios-releases-S1dMQt6F the Linux instructions are: “Use the UEFI Shell update method instead for this release.”
The UEFI instructions are “In order to avoid delaying Beta testing further, we’re releasing the Windows updater first. We do intend to have an UEFI Shell based updater available for those on Linux or other OS’s.”

Does this mean that I have to wait until the UEFI installer is available, or is there a workaround, for example with a Windows Live USB?

It appears you are correct. The only way currently to install 3.19 is via Windows. If you look at the download page, they say “BIOS 3.19 EFI Shell update (coming soon)”. You can upgrade to 3.17, it appears.

For 11th gen, yes, at this time you will want to use Windows2go or install Windows to update.

Thanks! I was able to update to 3.17 for now, and will look into how I can create a windows live boot stick.

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