[resolved] Is this normal or I was extra unlucky? and what I should do?


I bought one year and some month ago a DIY 13" i5 12gen framework, I had it linux installed, and I was super happy with him… until it decided to simply die on 18, after contacting suport and a lot of e-mails and pictures/videos of the laptop with support, which was pretty fast replying, they get to We will send you a new board, complettly free, and we will send you a label to send us back your mainboard, this was on tuesday 20. On thursday I ask how much time it will take to send me the new mainboard, and the answer is we don’t know. On saturday I got the label for sending back my old mainboard. And yesterday I ask what is the status, and not answer.

During the process of checking my mainboard, I ask if it will be possible to upgrade my laptop to a newer board.

Currently I start being pissed off because I don’t know anything and it’s already 10 days without laptop, I imagine part of the problem is the missing stock for the 12gen i5 board, but then will be nice to know an aproximation how much I should wait, maybe I can buy a steam deck, or maybe I can buy the AMD board. Also if it’s a process that takes too long, I should know it.

Then my question, I was extra unlucky, not only that my laptop decided to die, that also decided to die in the worst possible moment when there was no replacement stock?

Somebody else had similar experiences with that? Should I really buy another board like the amd or maybe the 11gen outlet to get my machine at least working?

I was recomending Frame.work to everybody, but after this experience, you can understand that I’m start having my regrets, if tomorrow a new board is send, I don’t expect having it before saturday.


P.D.: One of the messages I received after they said I ill get a replacement, it says that I should use the same package used with the new board to return the old one.

P.D.2: I was thinking on taking some box shoes and put the board there, and send it, but I would prefeer to introduce the new one at the same time I’m removing the old one, Is not that the guides of framework are bad, but It’s allways better to do it at once.

Please give support a little bit more time to respond to your status update request. They generally respond within one business day, but since you’re already in the RMA queue, it may take a bit longer.

Did support tell you that the board is out of stock? It’s out of stock in the marketplace, but there is usually reserve stock for warranty replacements. You do not need to send back your old board until you receive the replacement.

Most likely not, but only support will be able to say for sure (if you asked during troubleshooting and they missed it, you may need to ask again now that it’s with the RMA team). You can always buy one at your expense from the marketplace, but generally speaking, warranty will only cover a like-for-like replacement.


Thanks for your answer, seems that the board is on the way already.


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one hour later I had the board at my door, that was unexpected. Laptop is again working.

I will say, I’m not happy with the time I didn’t know how much I must wait, but it was super nice to be able to switch the board, and much more how easy was to do it.