Warranty Question

Hi, So about two weeks ago a capacitor on my Framework 13 (AMD 7840U) Mainboard popped.
No idea why or how, all I know is that my laptop instantly became a very fancy paperweight.

I decided to contact support to see if this was covered under warranty, which I was really hoping for, considering I spent $700ish on upgrading the mainboard from the 12th gen intel and I’d already gave the old mainboard to a family member.

So I opened a ticket, took some pictures of the damage like they asked, and they did tell me that the mainboard needed replacement, and they asked for a delivery address.

But the next day I got another email saying that they were escalating the ticket, and I haven’t heard back in nearly a week. No status, no ticket number, no tracking number, nada. All other replies and communications have taken around a day or less to get a response.
I live in the US, so I’m pretty sure freight forwarding shouldn’t enter into it?

I’ve never really had to submit a warranty claim with anyone before (other than lenovo, who just told me to take a long walk off a short pier from the get-go) So I don’t know if I’ve messed up something here or if this is normal procedure.

Does anyone have some information or advice?
Not having a laptop isn’t a critical emergency for me, but I am starting to get antsy wondering what’s going on.

The support people that are responsible for sending part replacements are a little overloaded at the moment. I would wait a few more days.


Hi. I have been throught the RMA process. Their are no ticket, no RMA numbers used.

  1. I was sent an email to say they would replace the part.
  2. I was sent an email with instructions on how to return the old part. It included a pdf address label of where to drop the part off.
  3. the Framework online orders section had a new order for the part, but with zero cost to pay.
  4. new part arrived.

It was 10 days from 1 to 4.

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Ok, thank you. Knowing there’s a backlog makes me feel a lot better.

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Thank you as well. Again, I’ve never had an experience with a warranty where I wasn’t just immediately told to buzz off and buy a whole new laptop out of pocket before (Which is why I got a framework to begin with).
So knowing that it’s normal to have a decent chunk of wait time after that first “We’ll replace it” email does make me feel better.

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I don’t see any issues with your ticket, just a bit of delay due to backlog, thanks for your patience!

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Thank you for the confirmation!
Again, it’s not the wait that has me anxious as much as not knowing.

In any case, I actually just heard back from support with the official replacement confirmation and order number. So, I’m actually REALLY pleased right now.

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