[RESOLVED] JetBrains IDE system freezes

I have bought a 12th gen Laptop a while back and from the beginning there was and still is this issue with Jetbrains IDEs (tried both Fedora 36 and 37, KDE, Wayland) where after a variable amount of use the entire system freezes up. I can however hold down alt and tab which made the screen flicker while doing so and I was able to make out a massive amount of notifications that something triggered a graphics reset. I want to finally resolve this issue as it’s really getting on my nerves and it’s the last thing keeping me from absolutely loving this Laptop.
Any help is appreciated.

I would try the following: 1) On Fedora 37 make sure everything is completely updated and that you have intel-mdeia-driver installed 2) install the flatpak version of the software you are trying to use. The reason I say try a flatpak in this instance is that I have noticed that items that regularly give me issues as rpm’s such as zoom and discord work very smoothly in their flatpak form. Otherwise try using the i915.enable_psr=0 kernel parameter.

Your freezes are most likely i915 graphics related. There have been vast improvements as kernels are updated and just yesterday the new intel-media-driver hit Fedora 37. Gonna happen when you get a brand new CPU on linux, first year is almost always rocky.

It seems that I didn’t have the intel-media-driver package installed. I will report back if this fixed it.

Regarding flatpak: problem here is that there is no flatpak that is officially maintained, which is kind of a turnoff. Furthermore, there seems to be an issue with the ones that do exist, that it cannot connect to docker, which makes sense but is a no go for me. So I’ll try to fix it in other ways for now.

Sadly, installing intel-media-driver did not fix the issue.

The kernel parameter might have worked. I will update if another freeze happens.

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FYI: Fedora 37 just got the latest intel-gpu-firmware, so that might be another item to look forward to.

I have not had a freeze since setting panel self refresh to false. I am marking this as solved for now.

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