[RESOLVED] Question about BIOS 3.02 > 3.03 (updated via Windows, want to install EndeavourOS)

I got my Batch 3 Ryzen laptop yesterday. The laptop came with Windows 11 installed, as I didn’t order a DIY Edition.

The installed BIOS was still 3.02. So, I updated the BIOS to 3.03. So far, so good.

I want to ditch Windows and install EndeavourOS.

My questions are:

(1) Will the Windows version of BIOS 3.03 allow a fresh EndeavourOS install without the well-documented AMD / BIOS 3.02 conflicts?

(2) If I need to install the Linux version of BIOS 3.03, what are the proper steps/order of operations to do so? I’ve been using various distros for many years, but I am an end-user, not a sysadmin. I haven’t had to deal with the potential chicken-egg scenario of installing a BIOS to prevent a fresh linux install from hanging.

Thanks in advance!

The BIOS is independent of the OS. If you’ve installed 3.03 via Windows, you can go ahead and install Linux without taking any further action (with respect to the BIOS, at least).

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Thank you for confirming this! I suspected (presumed?) this should be the case with a BIOS, but you never know, and I didn’t want to brick my new laptop, even temporarily.

Just note that EndeavorOS is not an officially supported OS, so you’ll be relying on community support for any OS issues you encounter, and Framework support may ask you to try a Live-USB of Fedora 39 or Ubuntu 22.04 if you have any hardware issues that you need to bring to them. Otherwise, I do believe I’ve seen other users mention running Endeavor on Framework hardware a few times on the forums!


I installed EndeavourOS today, and everything works out of the box :metal:

Two other things:

  • Battery life so far appears to be good. At 90% charge, the reported time remaining is over 7 hours.

  • This thing is FAST! :grin: I haven’t run any benchmarks, and admittedly I’m running a lean install (benefit of EndeavourOS), but still, the Ryzen 7840U delivers.