[RESOLVED] Severe Visual Artifcacts in YouTube Fullscreen (Linux)

I just got the Framework 13 AMD model and I’m running Fedora 39 on it (the KDE spin). Everything else is working great so far except for YouTube.
When I fullscreen a video, everything flickers and becomes white and pixelated, I attached a photo below of the issue.

When I initially used the Spectacle app to record the issue, the flickering actually didn’t show up, which is why I used my phone to record it instead.
I’m not sure if this is an AMD, Fedora, KDE, or Firefox issue (when I play videos locally everything’s fine) and I also can’t find any answers here or in any other thread. I’m relatively new to linux so if there’s any information I should provide let me know! Thank you all in advance!

A quick update, I restarted the laptop and everything is okay now. I think it’s an issue with the Wayland compositor, as similar artifacts actually ended up appearing over the whole screen whenever I made any changes to the GUI, resetting the compositor fixes such artifacts. For the original issue, it’s likely that when I was messing with filters for UBlock Origin something similar happened, probably should have mentioned that earlier.
I’m not sure how to delete a community support post or to mark it as resolved, but I’ll change the title of the post.

Glad this was able to be resolved for you, appreciate the update.

No problem! A bit of an off topic issue, the webcam on my laptop when I’m using Kamoso is very laggy, but it runs fine on webcamtests.com
I looked around and a lot of solutions involve guvcview. However, it can’t seem to detect the Framework laptop’s webcam, it says “no video device (/dev/video0) found” Do you have any idea how to fix any of these issues?
Thanks in advance!

I have had similar, short-lived issues.
Youtube fullscreen on Firefox had the flickering, but Chrome was OK. It resolved after a few days, presumably because of a Fedora or Firefox update.

Last week I had the similar-looking problems when changing desktop appearance settings, but this disappeared after a reboot.

I can’t reproduce them now, but I wanted you to know you aren’t the only one.