[RESPONDED] 11th Gen DIY laptop constantly freezing when unplugged, across Linux OSs

Hi All,

I’m experiencing a weird issue where my 11th gen i5 DIY Framework often freezes and then crashes when not plugged into a power port. I’ve noticed this issue across a variety of Linux OSs (Fedora 36/37/KDE/WS, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Pop). Looking into the journalctl output hasn’t been super helpful either unfortunately. I’m currently on BIOS 3.10.

The freeze-then-crash takes place across a completely random set of activities (so far: web browsing, using the terminal, on IDEs). The only consistent factor seems to be that when unplugged, I can experience several crashes in a matter of hours, while when plugged in, I’ve never experienced a crash. I’d appreciate any help in terms of debugging where this issue is coming from.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear about that. Since you tested multiple distros installed, have you also tested distros from live USB? If this doesn’t freeze, likely a bad drive. If it does, we’d want to tackle RAM/memory next (swapping out sticks of RAM and testing).

Thanks for the response @Matt_Hartley! Sorry, should have also mentioned that I’ve already tried RAM swapping + Memtest86. I haven’t tried a Live USB yet though, I’ll give that a shot.

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Hi @Matt_Hartley , just wanted to give an update. I didn’t try with a Live USB, but I did try with an external storage card, and I didn’t encounter the crashing behaviour.

Furthermore, the way it seems to go is, I use the laptop off battery for a while (I plug it in when it’s turned off or asleep), and then the crashing starts. Once it starts, my computer typically crashes within 20 minutes of turning it on. Then, once I plug it back in for a while (this time, while the laptop is on), the crashing behaviour stops and my computer is back to being stable.

Does it seem like a SSD issue after all?

Appreciate the update. Let’s try a traditional Live USB drive specifically. The idea of us testing this with non-Framework components and using a Live USB instance where everything is devoid of updates or other changes.

If happens there, we can confirm this is not merely something off with the installed OS. We can then have you open a ticket so we can explore logs, digging in deeper.