[RESPONDED] Random system crash/reboot on plugging/unplugging charger

Randomly system freezes for a few seconds after plugging/unplugging official USBC charger, screen goes black, displays framework splash and then grub.

CPU: Ryzen 7840U
BIOS: 3.05
OS: Fedora 40

No logs in journalctl, I’m not sure what other logs to check/upload.

Hi @neb , welcome to the community.

does it crash when you boot and official charge plugged?
also can you record a video of this happening? preferably with sudo dmesg --follow running on screen.

Not sure if wifi details are sensitive info, I blurred them.

Given that the log was about nvme, I would add that my nvme was taken from my old HP laptop, if that makes any difference.

Thanks for sharing the nvme bits, can we try and check if issue is present when we entirely remove nvme and use usb to boot Fedora 39/40 Live or Ubuntu 22.04 Live, see if it also crashes there?