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Roundabout 9500km in 5 hours would be 1900km/h. If FedEx doesn’t use Concordes this is very ambitious :wink: Maybe just some error in tracking.


Sorry about that. I planned on placing a /s there but it seems my tired ass forgot it on my last comment :persevere:.

Your concordes comment did asd to the joke well. :grin:


Has anyone done any undervolting with their laptop? Does it work and is there a noticeable benefit?


Hrm. Looks like that shipment is still stuck in Alaska. >_> Everyone is crossing their fingers right?

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Mine moved from Paris to Cologne in the meantime.

Consider them crossed :slight_smile:

I work with a business that imports their product, and as a government agency, US customs is always closed on weekends, hence the FedEx delay. Things should resume on Monday as normal and the packages should start moving again unless the shipment is flagged for further inspection which hopefully won’t happen.

But so far, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about on that delay. Just FYI :slight_smile:


Do you have any preferences between the 7840U and 7640U? Is there big IRL differences in performance and efficiency that warrants the extra 400 bucks?

The igpu is more powerful, so it depends if your gaming

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I would only get it if A) you can take advantage of the extra cores for school/work or B) you were already in the market for a Steam Deck or ROG Ally.

While I haven’t found a way to undervolt, you can do a variety of power limiting withryzenadj if you set iomem=relaxed on Phoenix APUs (7040). Here are some details from a 7940HS device I’ve been poking around with for the past few months: Minisforum UM790 Pro · lhl/linuxlaptops Wiki · GitHub


I have enjoyed lifting the lid and admiring the deep blacks on the screen :upside_down_face:


that is pure pain. you’re in my thoughts.

today is the day though. it’s at the local fedex depot. i leave for overseas in 2 days. this cut it so close. but hopefully by the end of the day i’ll have mine and it wont be defective!


and amidst the packing and testing, if you have time, any reports here as to your impressions and experience would be great!

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Just as deep as OLED. No wonder that isn’t an option yet. :upside_down_face:


It’s not, especially in a dark room. Unless there’s a third panel option beyond the glossy and matte options.


can we turn this into a Fedex speculation thread for a minute?

it said it was on the vehicle for delivery, and then it says on the way, but it still doesn’t say out for delivery. still tracking for on time delivery today before 6pm.
does anyone know if the on the way after being on the Fedex truck means that it is out for delivery?

In my experience, “On the way” means scanned by the delivery driver as confirmation that it IS on the delivery truck. “Out for delivery” will mean it has left the terminal, on the way to you.


lol boys i’m dying i don’t think it’s coming today. fedex australia is not as efficient as freedom fedex.

edit: woo spoke too soon boys! it arrived! it never hit the out for delivery status, but i’m just happy it made it before i left overseas!
gonna unpack and build and setup now!


Who delivered it? UPS?

Fedex delivers in Germany