[RESPONDED] AMD Ubuntu 22.04 FW 13 stuttering / freezing / unresponsive

FW13 AMD Ubuntu 22.04 BIOS 3.03 and kernel set originally according to the setup guide.

Yesterday got the laptop out after 5 or so days of not using it and continued as normal - ran some updates, started installing Unity and Git etc. Normal things. But three times the laptop became unresponsive, it would hang, the mouse wouldn’t register, very slow. I started checking on community and often the fix involved changing the kernel (or someone that hadn’t changed the kernel during setup). I noticed on reboots that I was now getting this message:

A newer OEM D kernel is available than what is set in GRUB. Click here to learn more.

If I run uname -r I am on

Is this correct?

I am using 6.5.0-1018-oem .

I addition I set UMA_Game_Optimized in the bios.

Works very stable.

Yes I actually already did that I seem to remember as I was getting the white screen flickering issue previously on both Fedora and Ubuntu

Do let us know if it’s still happening after reboots :slight_smile: