[RESPONDED] Annoying and very high pitched/ buzzing noise at high fan use

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  • Which OS (Operating System)? Nabora os (fedora linux)
  • Which release of your OS (Operating System)? Nabora linux 37
  • Framework laptop (11th or 12th generation Framework laptop) are you asking for support with? 11th gen
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Recently (last 3 or so months) my framework laptops fan has been making a very high-pitched buzzing sound under heavier than usual load. it is noticeable to the point where more than 5 people have come up to me asking if it is my laptop making that noise and told me it was bothering them. i will attempt to take a recording next time i hear it. it’s very on and off, as in if it makes the noise for a moment, then stops and then starts again at very consistent and quick intervals. other times it just stays on, and other times its inconsistent. here is an audio clip i took of it. its more noticeable and annoying irl. i couldnt hear it almost at all when litstining on gdrive, i recomend downloading and boosting the volume allot. Friday_at_5-22_PM.m4a - Google Drive

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I wonder if it’s an accumulated dust/debris that’s causing the noise? what type of apps you think you’re using that you think has usage in this case?

ive cleaned it out many times and even changed the thermal paste in hopes it would stop. many different loads have/ do cause it like any gaming, having many tabs, or compiling code.

hi @ostap_tymchenko , curious about your temperature, can you post your sensors output? thanks. :slight_smile:

here is btop a top-like utility. i took this screenshot when the noise was there, i had nothing but 2 tabs open. the temps are all around 50c

I was thinking about this recently, it might be my ssd, i swapped my ssd for a sabrent Rocket NVMe 4.0 SSD a couple of months ago. the annoying sound started a couple of months ago, but i don’t remember how close to the time when i swapped to it. i never really considered that it might be that because I’ve never heard an ssd make noise before, especially so loud and annoying?

Hello @ostap_tymchenko ,

have you tried pulling the ssd out, and just run a live usb ubuntu, and see if fan noise is persistent?

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This is happening to my machine actually as well. Completely new thing that it didn’t used to do. Absolutely no clue whatsoever what’s causing it. Fan is just squeaking but only under load.

@Loell_Framework I will try that, thank you

@ostap_tymchenko any new info on this? It’s happening to my wife’s computer too and it would be great knowing if it was indeed the SSD.

Hi, yeah, it was definitely the ssd. at the time, i didn’t even consider it because I’m not used to ssd’s being loud but its obvious in retrospect. although i dont remember noticing it recently? maybe its the ac always running now.

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Sounds like @Loell_Framework’s suggestion helped determine the cause. Is the drive purchased from elsewhere?

@Matt_Hartley Yep, its a cheap sabrent rocket 1tb drive I bought of amazon

Okay, sounds like we have a root cause then. Since this is a third party product and we know this appears to be relating to the issue, next steps would be to compare this with another drive and se if it continues.

@Matt_Hartley Well unfortunately the only other ssd I own is used for my backup storage. Still let me know if theres anything I can do.

Darn…this is tricky. Since it’s third party from another vendor, sounds like swapping it is out.

The only thing I can suggest as we have identified the drive as the culprit is to reach out to whomever you purchased the drive from to see if they can swap/replace or refund.