[RESPONDED] Boot into Recovery Mode

How do I boot into Recovery Mode?
Ubuntu 22.04
Framework DIY 13 inch
At the Framework splash screen I have tried Left Shift, Right Shift, Esc, Esc+Left Shift, F8, sometimes I press the keys once, sometimes I hold them through the entire boot process. Occasionally the grub screen flashes past but I cannot get the menu to remain on the screen.

What Recovery Mode?
Are you looking for this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode

Are you looking to change grub settings? Get into the BIOS? Maybe it would be easier to ask what issue are you having that make you seek a recovery mode.

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I’d echo @MJ1 on this, what are you looking to do or get past?

You’ve followed this guide in its entirety, correct?

Ideally, the best method of recovery would be to set up a recovery solution before something goes wrong.