[SOLVED] Boot Stuck in Grub - DIY Laptop running Ubuntu 21.10

OK please forgive me, I’m only moderately competent in Ubuntu: my DIY Framework’s internal HD was partitioned into Ubuntu 21.10 and 22.04 partitions. I decided to erase the 22.04 partition in Disk Utility in 21.10, as all my data was in the 21.10 partition - the plan was to then move the home folder to a separate partition and install 22.04 over the 21.10 partition. After erasing the 22.04 partition, it became a ‘Free Space’ partition and I wasn’t able to delete it using fdisk, and I also wasn’t able to install any other partition managers like GPart or KDE Partition Manager (not sure why). I decided to restart, and this is where the real issue started.

Now when I restart the laptop, it goes straight into Grub right away. Entering ‘boot’ gives me the “error: you need to load the kernel first” message. If I try to enter Boot Device Selection menu using F12 or the Bios using F2, nothing happens. I’ve tried letting the machine shut down for a minute first before rebooting per the Framework knowledge base with no luck. I’m kind of stuck as to what to do next. Any ideas?

‘free space’ is not a partition type, it is literally ‘free space’ that needs to be partitioned in some form to be usable. it can’t be deleted because theres nothing there, its raw disk space

did you actually have two different versions of ubuntu installed, and could you select them at boot?. At this point it’s looking like you’ve deleted your OS and grub cant find one.

I get that now about free space. Yes, I had two different versions of Ubuntu installed and was able to select them at boot. I deleted one of them from the other, so I’m not sure why it can’t find the OS. I guess I will try booting from the 22.04 install disk I made and see what I can do.

check that /boot is still intact and that grub is looking in the right place for the remaining kernel

How do I do that in Grub?

I’m not sure, you may need a live os to do it.

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Figured it out using this article.. Basically, I needed to re-set the linux and initrd locations in Grub. All good now!

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well done :slight_smile: