[RESPONDED] Can't boot after upgrading via apt

Framework 13 (AMD)
Ubuntu 22.04

After upgrading via apt this morning my framework would only boot directly to a busybox prompt (initramfs).

I resolved the boot issue by running fsck, but lost my home directory in the process.

Luckily I had a fairly recent backup to restore from.

As this is a fairly vanilla machine, I’d expect others to encounter this issue. Posting here in case it saves anyone else some headache.

Thanks for sharing @wired_penguin ,

are you able to recall if the is error on screen when it didn’t boot?
and were the parameters the fsck checks just generic? just for everyone’s info. thanks :slight_smile:

So the machine booted to the encrypted login page without issue. After entering the decrypt password the machine dropped to busybox prompt.

Sorry I didn’t take a picture now.

To fix I took the steps outlined here however my mapped drive was named differently.

The only other thing that might be noteworthy was that after running apt upgrade I got a bunch of warnings about a missing amd driver. I ran a search but I don’t have a record of the exact error either as the search history was on the same machine.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

I’ve also experienced a similar situation in late January. My system hang due to the vp9 decode issue plus another problem with syncing (my fault) so I forced a reboot in a “not gentle way”. Upon rebooting I found myself with errors on filesystem metadata, the filesystem was not mountable and I was stuck in the initramfs root enviroment.

To everyone that find themself in such a situation I advice caution in order to preserve your data. Given that the tools available in the initramfs enviroment are limited a good advice might be to fire up a distro from a live iso usb/extra partition to diagnose what happened and (if needed) backup your files with the powers and tools of a full distro. I booted from usb, recoved and restored the last snapshot and I was back on track.