[RESPONDED] Cant get out of UEFI, green-pink pixels, freezing

I run my i12 Intel Framework laptop with dual boot. Very weirdly since today it’s unusable. I can only use the UEFI menu reliably, where I select what system to boot. Today in the morning it still worked, but first Fedora Linux had the problem, now Windows as well:

When I select what OS to boot, green and pink pixels appear, the fans are spinning but nothing changes anymore, it seems stuck. It’s happening with both Linux and Windows now. I mean, it can’t be a hardware issue if the boot menu is still working? How do I fix this, I need a working laptop this week no matter what. I did absolutely no changes to the hardware or software.

Edit: I just booted from a Fedora USB stick with the same thing happening. I then selected the troubleshoot option from the boot menu to start fedora in basic graphics mode and I get the message: kernel BUG at kernel/entry/common.c: 454! What does this mean?

Edit 2: Now it’s working again, what is happening?!?

Since you tried with a live version and it failed too I’d guess it’s hardware related.

Did you check if the display cable is properly attached?
You may need to contact support. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, I didn’t check the display cable precisely, but I’ll do it if the error occurs again. How could this be a hardware error though, if the boot menu is working fine?

That’s a valid point and I think you may be right.

I’m not a specialist but I have an hypothesis.
It could be a failure that can only appear under certain situations such as having a specific resolution or refresh rate. Something that maybe wasn’t met in the boot menu.


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Feels like a hardware issue as you did test from a live environment, please open a support ticket so we can take a look at what might be going on. Please link to this thread for context.