[RESPONDED] Charging speed policy

Hello all,

I am running a Framework 13" Intel 12th gen 1240P with Debian Bookworm Cinnamon (with a ZFS boot if it maters).
Firmware 3.05.

Sometimes the charging speed is very low ; sometimes it is high.

I use two models of chargers :

I have a Watt Meter (230 V side of the chargers) to help diagnose my problem.

When I plug the chargers (no matter which charger ; no mater which USB-C port ; no matter which USB cable ; I even tried to switch sides of the cables) to my sleeping Framawork, most of the times the charger consumes ≈14 W. If I wake up the computer, it climbs to ≈20 W (which means that the chargers are not the limiting factor). It takes several hours to charge my computer.
Every once in a while, the charging speed will climb to ≈50 W (Framework sleeping) up to ≈70 W (computer working hard) (the Mokin charger obviously does not go over 43 W). And then, I can switch chargers, cables, ports, and it will stay at 50 W (sleeping).

This morning, I plugged a Phone Planet 65 W charger. It consumed ≈14W for 10-20 minutes, and then, go figure why, it switched to ≈50 W. I changed absolutely nothing in the meantime !

Does anyone know what charging speed policies could be responsible for this strange behavior ?
Motherboard securities ?
Debian ?

Thanks for any help !


Hi Cobus,

This sounds like it could be a charger issue, but it’s difficult to say as we don’t have those chargers ourselves to test against. I do not see this as a Linux issue, this strikes me as a PD (power delivery) issue.

If you lack a Framework Charger nearby to compare with, then it would be worth opening a support ticket so it can be escalated to Technical Escalations for further review.

Thanks for your answer, @Matt_Hartley !

Given that there is a total of four chargers involved (of two models), I doubt it comes from the chargers.
As you advised, I will open a support ticket.

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Among other things, Framework Support advised to switch to firmware (“BIOS”) version 3.06 beta.

Doing just that seems to have solved my problem. Let’s hope it won’t come back.