Charging Problem

Hello, new to forums so sorry if formatting is weird.

Basically I got a DiY i5 version and installed my own RAM and SSD. I have been using the laptop for almost a week know(will be a week tomorrow). I have been running Manjaro GNOME so far without many problems. Just now I turned it on while plugged into power and it says “Not Charging” and constantly stays at 99%. I am using the framework power adapter btw.
I have tried:
-Unplugging and plugging back in. This in turns gives me an “estimated time” of like 15-20 hours and drops to 98%.
-2 different usb-c expansion cards(I only got 2)
-Tried moving around the expansion cards
-Powering off and back on
Not sure where to go from here, and hoping it is a kernel thing I can fix as it is a little disheartening to need to use the warranty this early. But hey the reparability is why I got this ting. I can do my best with giving any info need as I am new to archlinux and linux in general.

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