[RESPONDED] Conky Desktop Widget

Hey @all, I’m a verry happy brand new Customer of a refurbished Framework Laptop. At first I made a Conky Widget which looks very nice for me

But… Can anyone tell me, how to find out the Fan RPM without flashing the inner Firmware of the Laptop?
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You should be able to use ECTool for this. @DHowett is also around if you have questions.

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Thanks for your reply, I thought the EC Tool was the piece oft Software which is needed to be programmed to the internal microprocessor?

I just checked,- the Framework firmware does not distribute the Fan RPM to the linux kernel.

Like @Morpheus636 said:

The only way is to use the EC Tool to read the Fan speed from the firmware.

It does let you flash firmware to it, but you can also use it to read data from the EC or tweak settings without reflashing it. It’s incredibly versatile.

OK, what a pitty, this seems to be too much pain for this little gain. Thanks a lot folks!

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Thanks @Morpheus636 for linking EC Tool , learned something new today.

Hi @Bastian_Reul Welcome to the community if you need anything do let us know, we will be happy to help.


To be clear, and I edited my original message to reflect this, using ECTool does not require you to reflash the firmware. You can use it with the stick firmware.

Oh, thanks for clarification @Morpheus636 , thanks to @DHowett for this tool. I can now read my Fan RPM with

sudo ./ectool pwmgetfanrpm

But it works only with superuser privileges. This seems not to be a good solution for my conky script.

You can set up sudo in a way that specific programs do not ask for a password.
Look into NOPASSWD (manual).

Ok, this seems to be a typical case of “Linux is free, if your time is useless” for me. Maybe anytime it is possible to get the value with regular system commands. Then I will implement it. Thanks a lot everybody