[RESPONDED] Coreboot on the Framework Laptop

I already announced the agenda for DUG#6, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any reply to my emails, so there is no Framework-related topic there. Maybe next quarter.


If you are a gamer or need windows specific applications then sure.

Yes linux could be more efficient, redhat is constantly trying to add overengineered crap to it.

But even still, windows just dwarfs linux in bloatware.

Is it easy to replace parts in the chromebook edition of the framework laptop?

Also, how do you relax the coreboot settings to install a different distro?

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Pretty sure the physical parts are just like the regular FW13 in terms of ease of replacement.

No clue about the rest.


do you or anyone know if coreboot support is coming for the DIY versions? That would be awesome. Especially if it has intel me disabled support too. Although the second option could be dealt with solo probably.

When coreboot gets ported, it may unofficially be supported, there would need to be some shim or way to update it onto a DIY or prebuild anyway. I have no idea if FW will officially start shipping coreboot too, but im pretty sure it would add extra labour to add to existing boards. An official download would be cool. Future knows. (there is no difference hardware wise on the mainboard between prebuild and diy as far as I know in any gen of the FW13 laptops, 16 I dunno.

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