Coreboot on Framework Laptop 16?

As much as I love the idea of this laptop, I feel like I can not move to it without the safety Coreboot offers
Are there instructions on how to Coreboot this laptop? Or even better can it be done from the factory?

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Coreboot is not an available option at this time.

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Coreboot still doesn’t support AMD either last I checked.

This laptop you can get with AMD and Coreboot StarFighter 16-inch – Star Labs®
However the Framework 16 is a better laptop for the same price. But if I can not get the Framework 16 I might be forced to go with Starfighters even though the processor is older
Also I don’t think it is available yet but I think in a few years, all AMD processors will be coreboot compatible

There has been some movement of Coreboot for the Intel Frameworks, I can’t wait until AMD openSIL comes out tbh.