[RESPONDED] dGPU lockup from rear USB port

Thanks for the response @Matt_Hartley , just getting back from vacation, and I’d like to clarify my understanding of the information you’ve provided.

My understanding is that tools like nvtop, tickling the dGPU sysfs files, etc all serve to bring the dGPU out of sleep/D3Cold. If that’s related to the bug you’ve mentioned, then I think I’ve worked around it by adding amdgpu.runpm=0 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT to prevent the dGPU from sleeping… that said I can see how your solution/workaround could be attractive to @jared_kidd who didn;t want to disable dGPU sleep entirely.

Is the bug currently directly relayed to the dGPU sleep, or only when using the FW HDMI/DP modules to plug into the dGPU port? Just trying to understand what you are referring to as “slow”.

I have picked up a USB-C to DP cable (and have ordered a USB-C to HDMI cable as my monitor’s DP port recently died) which hopefully works around the bug you mentioned (cable not being “slow” like the module); however, I’m currently avoiding the dGPU USB-C port as games do not render properly (or at all) when connected to it.

That said I have yet to retest the state of things with my recent plasma6 update and/or latest 6.8/6.9 kernels… the joys of bleeding edge hardware with linux.

EDIT: My new USB-C HDMI cable arrived today so I thought I’d try scenario #1 above… same issue under plasma 6 as plasma 5 with the cable plugged directy to the dGPU; no issues plugged into side USB-C module (iGPU).

Didn’t test under wayland as it has problems with gamescope, so not an option for me at this time.

Appreciate the update. Need to clarify this is what we are doing, correct? Where is this being plugged into. My script was ONLY for the very back where the dGPU is attached. If it is for this area only, then yes, it wakes the dGPU up for use.

For any other ports, you would follow the outline here. And if using those supported ports as shown, it would be with expansion cards.

It’s also very important to note that you do not need to connect directly to the dGPU in the back to activate the dGPU. DRI_PRIME=1 will do that for you in any of the supported expansion bays.

Honestly, the absolute dead simplest approach here is to use Bazzite. GPU switching is just handled. It has a KDE option, too. We work closely with the developers there and this may make for a far, far easier experience for you.

Your script has been working fine as a workaround for me. Still have to reboot after I disconnect if I want the dGPU to ever go asleep again. But it’s at least usable.

Could you provide any update on when we will receive a fix for the actual bug?