[RESPONDED] Fan speed - where is it reported to the OS?

On Linux, I want to display the current fan speed using the Gnome Extension Vitals. Right now vitals doesn’t detect any fan speed.

  • Does the Framework Laptop (11th Gen in my case) report the fan speed to the OS?
  • Where do I need to look?

On the Github page of Vitals lm-sensors is listed as a dependency. So I assume it uses lm-sensors for the hw sensor read out. I installed lm-sensors and ran sensors-detect, however it didnt find any fan speed.
Running just the command sensors results in this output (again no fan speed):

I searched manually through several folders listed under /sys/class/ as suggested by this post this post On my Linux distribution (PopOS 22.04) the /sys/class/pwm folder is empty. The hwmon folder only contains information about the cores, battery and nvme drive.

I also took a look inside the folders for the buses i2c and SPI, but didn’t find anything regarding fans.

I found an folder with term “fan” in its name:
However I dont know how to interpret its content.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Had the same behaviour in vitals (not on a Framework though) a few weeks back.
Values were shown correctly after a reboot :slight_smile:
But sensors-detect was able to find my fans, so that bothers me a bit… maybe the fan is not exposed by the EC correctly…

Edit: Have a look here:
[Linux] Fan speed controller with custom speed curve - Framework Laptop / Linux - Framework Community
Not a fix, but maybe it get you in the right direction

Update: I have looked a little closer myself and cant find a resolution myself.
Will try to dig into the EC after work =)


This is a gold mine of information, thx!

Has someone found a way to read the fan speed on Windows? SpeedFan doesn’t detect it…

Reviving an old thread here, but curious whether anyone figured out the situation for reporting fan speed in Vitals?

I noticed that Fan has No Data, and started along a road of digging into /sys/hwmon (where Vitals is checking), then hopped over to the community here and found these discussions; I’ve installed fw-fanctrl which seems great, but still curious about getting the speed reported up to GNOME. Anyone got that far already?

I’m on Fedora 37, FWIW (and may look into packaging fw-fantctrl as an RPM, to remind myself how that packaging system works - I’ve come from Ubuntu)

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Curious if anyone solved this. I can’t figure out how to report fan speed on my FW13 AMD.

Can’t speak to Vitals application, however the best bet will be here:

I have fw-fanctrl installed and it does seem to allow me to control fan speeds, but it doesn’t actually help report fan speeds to the OS. Basically, I have to check my CPU temp against the fw-fanctrl config and assume that’s how fast the fans are spinning. I’d much rather just be able to add fan speed sensor directly to the Activity Monitor. Is there any way to get fan speed to be reported via lm-sensors or something similar?