[RESPONDED] Fedora 40: Login keyring stuck

Hello! Sharing in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue as I, or if anyone knows of a workaround.

Issue: Post update of Fedora 40, authentication issues of my keyring persist. I have typed every possible old and current password that I can think of, yet it will not unlock. This issue is strange in apps that absolutely require it such as the official Minecraft launcher; meaning the gnome pop-up will not go away until you’ve force quit the app or supplied the correct password (which I cannot).

Error code: “The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer.”

Hardware: FW13 (AMD Ryzen 5 7640U), 32GB RAM, 03.05 firmware
Software: Fedora 40, kernel 6.8.9-300.fc40.x86_64,


Hi @gxnni ,

Are you still able to reproduce the keyring issue? I wonder if we can get the particular journal log at that particular time.

I’m curious, do you log in with your fingerprint on first boot? I had some issues with the keyring not unlocking after first login when I used my fingerprint. I’ve been logging in with password on first boot for a while now and haven’t had the issue again. These could be completely unrelated causes, but maybe that’s worth looking into.

I usually unlock with fingerprint since its very convenient. However, I get the same results after logging in with my password.

Attached are logs after boot; that contain the keyword “keyring”:

 9:28:40 AM minecraft-launc: [0608/092840.202411:WARNING:key_storage_linux.cc(191)] OSCrypt tried Keyring but couldn't initialise.
 9:28:31 AM goa-daemon: /org/gnome/OnlineAccounts/Accounts/account_1714430712_1: Setting AttentionNeeded to TRUE because EnsureCredentials() failed with: No credentials found in the keyring (goa-error-quark, 4)
 9:28:29 AM gnome-keyring-d: discover_other_daemon: 1
 9:28:29 AM systemd: Started app-gnome-gnome\x2dkeyring\x2dssh-2685.scope - Application launched by gnome-session-binary.
 9:28:29 AM gnome-keyring-d: discover_other_daemon: 1