[RESPONDED] Framework 12th Gen Fedora - fan inconsistency

I’m puzzled about the fan behaviour on my Framework 13 12th Gen (Fedora 38 Workstation).

The fan seems to get triggered hard while the laptop is running tasks which don’t appear to be very taxing (for instance browsing the The Verge website!) and yet when I transcode video using HandBrake the CPU utilisation is basically maxed out and the fan remains completely silent. Weird.

This isn’t a new issue for me, it has persisted across a number of Fedora releases. It isn’t the end of the world but does anyone have any thoughts on what might explain this inconsistency, and any ideas on improving the situation? Just to be clear, my objective is to have a quieter laptop! Thanks.

Hi @Greg_Stedman,

Have you check if there’s increase in temp whenever this happens?
and How about with Ubuntu 22 and above no issues there?

Hi @Loell_Framework. Yes that’s one of the weird things. There doesn’t seem to be a reliable relationship between temperature/workload and the fan speed. Quite often the temp is up to 100 and there is no audible fan sound (for instance Handbrake processing), while at other times the CPU doesn’t appear to be under a huge load, the temperature is steady in the 60s, and the fan is roaring.

I haven’t tried Ubuntu 22. I’ll give that a go.

Please make sure it’s Ubuntu 22.04.3 using our guide.