[RESPONDED] Framework 12th gen not waking from sleep [Debian 12.5]

  • Which OS (Operating System)? Debian 12.5 (Linux)

  • Which Framework laptop (11th, 12th or 13th generation Framework laptop) are you asking for support with? Intel 12th Gen

Since I got my Framework 12th gen, I’ve always had an issue where the system would occasionally take forever to wake from suspend/sleep, and today it refused to wake up at all. I looked in the logs and there are no errors or hints into what it could be, so I’m guessing it may be related to firmware/hardware. Here’s an image of the last logs in the system journal before the system suspended:

Also, here’s more system info:

What sleep mode are you using, s2idle or deep?
You can check with the following (the selected method has brackets around it).

cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
s2idle [deep]

The battery life threads on this forum suggest using s2idle, but I’ve always had the same issue you describe on Debian when using s2idle. Defaulting to deep suspend consistently works better on my 12th Gen Debian system.

I’ll try that @Wade_Richards

@Wade_Richards so far it has been working which suggests that there’s either a bug in Framework’s firmware, a bug in Intel’s microcode or both that causes the system to not respond to any inputs.

For 12th gen, deep should work. We use it in Fedora 39 and Ubuntu LTS. @Loell_Framework can you please triple check on Ubuntu LTS and make sure deep is working there.

We do not officially test against Debian, but I’d double check touching the power button behavior. See if it wakes from there.

It didn’t respond to pressing the power button but [deep] sleep has been working perfectly.

Deep Sleep working with these environment on the 12th gen

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

loell@loell-Laptop-12th-Gen-Intel-Core:~$ cat /sys/power/mem_sleep
s2idle [deep]

works on closing lid, suspend from menu and systemctl suspend , wake up via power button. :slight_smile:

And this would be expected behavior on OEM C kernel provided in the guide. Thanks Loell.

Was this on Deep @Loell_Framework? Check with cat /sys/power/mem_sleep

Hi @Matt_Hartley , yes this is switched to deep, and still is atm, running ok