[RESPONDED][Framework 13 AMD 7840U] CPU Temperature rocketing to constant 100°C on stress test


I have a Framework Laptop 13 AMD with the 7840U CPU option running Arch Linux (I can attempt to reproduce the issues in a Fedora live session if need be), and I am experiencing an issue where with the performance and balanced power profiles in power-profiles-daemon, the CPU temperature almost instantly rockets up to a constant 100°C under high load, both GPU and CPU load, most easily reproducible with stess or s-tui.

It seems the CPU cores initially boost to 4074MHz on stress, and throttle down to around 3660MHz when the Core temperature reaches 90-100°C.

The issues disappear when using the power-saver performance profile, as the CPU cores never clock that high on that setting.

It seems to me that the thermal throttling does work, but over extended periods of time, the Laptop becomes very hot and uncomfortable to use on my lap. I can workaround this though by switching to the power-saver profile when using the Laptop in such situations.

Is this behaviour normal? Is operating the CPU at 100°C for extended periods of time detrimental to the lifetime of the CPU? Is there a way cause the CPU to throttle down earlier to restrict the temperature to something like 95°C or 98°C?

EDIT: I have played a bit more with s-tui, stress, and the performance profiles, and my questions have mostly been answered by that.

It seems on all performance profiles, the CPU will boost to ~4400MHz for tasks on a few cores, and will switch to lower clocks when sustaining loads on more cores, with the higher performance profiles of course doing that later than power-saver. Everything seems to be working and I was just scared by the big red 100°C on the temperature sensor reading.

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Hi @Ferdinand_Bachmann , welcome to the community

Looks like this is the expected behavior, thanks for updating your post as you did you stress test.

cheers! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so. It waits for 95°C to start the fan but then drops down the temperature to 8x°C.

It might be worth checking your thermal paste if you are comfortable. Mine was not great, and I had the same issue.

I’m not sure if I’m comfortable redoing the thermal paste (since I have never done it before on any computer). For now I’m using battery saver, which has more than enough performance for my usual needs and stays cool, but I might look into it in the future, and will update this post with my results if I do.

Btw, just for completeness: my Laptop is a Framework 13 AMD DIY Edition Batch 10

No. Your CPU should be able to operate at 100 C for the warranty period and probably beyond.

Regardless, I recommend repasting.

Quick update: I have tested again today, and the cooling performance seems to have improved significantly all on its own:

With the balanced profile, the Framework is able to hold 91°C on a full 16 core s-tui stress test sustaining 3593MHz CPU frequency. With the performance profile, it seems to hold 96°C sustaining 3693MHz. It hits 100°C for a very short while before the fans spin up fully.

My Framework Laptop is quite new though, having arrived around a week before Christmas and being fully set up only since the week after Christmas, so maybe the paste just took a while to get to full cooling performance (I don’t know anything about thermal paste, correct me if I’m wrong, is that a thing?).

The only major software difference between when I posted this right now is the Linux kernel version (6.6.8-arch1-1 vs 6.6.10-arch1-1), power-profiles-daemon is the same version (0.13-1).