[RESPONDED] Framework 13 AMD 7640U Heat


I have the 7640U running Windows 11 with the power mode set to balanced. When I run a Cinebench all core test the CPU temp hits 100 within about 5-10 seconds and then hovers around 98-100 for the entirety of the benchmark. The fans are pumping hard and it doesn’t seem to throttle very much if at all but watching some reviews of the 7840U most of the reviewers were mentioning that the CPU maxxed out at 75-80 degrees under full load so I am wondering if this is normal. In heavier non-synthetic loads I’m often hitting 80-90 degrees but with light loads and office work my CPU is typically in the 50s and 60s. Are my temps on the CPU normal?

100C is expected under heavy load (like running a benchmark program/tool) and the Framework Laptop is designed to operate in that range. All is well.


On the 13 STAPM throttling will eventually turn the power limit down which will make it hover around 80C on longer term loads.