[RESPONDED] Framework 13 AMD Brightness

So I am using Debian12 with I3 on the new Framework 13 AMD, and I have always used brightness ctl with a 5% change on input as shown on the image (if it attached correctly), but whenever I use my keybinds for it it changes randomly at either 5% or 6% instead of a consistent 5% (this configuration has worked on the native linux kernel on a thinkpad T480s, Thinkpad P51 and Microsoft surface pro 6). On my other laptops 0% also turns the blacklight off completely while the framework 0% still has backlight visible, so I’m unsure if that difference is what is causing the discrepancy when changing brightness? I am going to keep looking into this, but if anyone has recommendations in the meantime that would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to the community!

We generally do not actively test with brightnessctl key bindings as we simply use the default keys setup to work out of the box on most distros (Fedora 39 and Ubuntu LTS).

That said, any chance you have tried this on one of those distros as well? I suspect it may behave similarly, but I’d love to hear feedback from anyone else who have done recent testing with brightnessctl on one of our officially supported distros for comparison.

I will test out fedora with a different ssd later today, but id be more than willing to change my brightness controller to whatever Fedora or Ubuntu uses by default, BrightnessCTL is just what I’ve always used for tiling managers (in my case I3, sway, and hyprland) and has always worked on my intel machines running tiling managers

So I haven’t gotten around to putting fedora or Ubuntu on the machine yet, but from more research it seems to be an issue with the actual backlight and how it interacts with the CPU (or the other way around) and I’m assuming it is related to that leading the brightness ctl to deviate from 5% increase/decrease to compensate for missing the extra brightness on the low end

Regarding your problems with the minimum brightness, there may be an issue with the panel where it cannot go below 5% brightness. I’ve started a thread about it here: [RESPONDED] AMD Framework minimum brightness too high (now with measurements)

If it looks related to what you’re experiencing, I am trying to get more eyes on the issue in that thread so that Framework can put more resources to resolving it.