[RESPONDED] Framework 13 laptop reboots when tilting the laptop

So I was browsing with the laptop on my lap when it suddenly rebooted after I tilted it slightly forward. I logged in again and after doing something similar the same thing happened.

So it is very much reproducible, I took a video but cannot attach it here.

I did not see anything in the journal that would be meaningful but can provide any data that may be helpful.

From Gnome-Firmware it looks like all software is up-to-date. I have the latest Ryzen 7 with 32GB, 4Tb WD-Black SSD and running box-standard Fedora 39, just now updated to the latest packages.

Please help me figure out what the issue is and what I can test!

Edit: I just verified that this is also happening in the BIOS. A little shake and boom, it reboots. So it seems to be a hardware/firmware issue. No wonder I don’t see anything in the journal or dmesg…

The most likely thing is there is something loose in your case causing a short. Take off the input cover, look for loose screws or a solder ball rolling around, reseat both ends of all your ribbon cables, reseat all of your RAM, SSD and even wifi modules.

Thank you! I left the laptop turned off for a few days and inspected the motherboard, I could not find anything that looked lose so I disconnected the trackpad cable (which I initially inserted). I did the shake test both in bios and in OS and it did not happen again. I am a bit nervous now that this may happen again (after capacitors charge?) but so far it looks good.

If it’s not near metal, magnets or other laptops, I’d open a support ticket linking to this thread.

Yep I did, thanks Matt!