Windows (Sleep/Standby) AMD FW 13

I searched on here if I could find something similar and wasn’t able to, but maybe someone has posted this already. I know everyone is having different mileage with the new AMD boards but the issue I just found myself in was that I left my computer for several hours (4-5 roughly) and in that time it was in sleep mode. I was on Win11 at the time (I do have my setup as a dual-boot Windows/Linux). When I went to resume my session, moving the mouse (clicking), pressing keys and even pressing the power button would not wake this silly thing up. It was also extremely hot to the touch so it’s drawing a good amount of power even in a sleep state (or stuck in a sleep state, whichever). I have to hold the power button down to force a total shutdown. I let the heat dissipate before I restarted and it starts fine. I checked Windows Event Viewer to see if something stood out in the logs but I didn’t see anything other than a kernel-power error due to the force shutdown.

Anyone else having or have had this issue? Any solutions?


I have had this issue and closing the lid, reopening it, pressing the power button a couple times seemed to do the trick everytime even if it took a hot minute. Seemed to me like it had entered a hibernate state instead of sleeping. When it did eventually power back on it showed the Framework logo again then booted me back into my applications in the exact state I had left them.

Yeah it’s just an abnormal behavior. Previous laptops of mine never did this including the 11th gen board

This happens occasionally on my AMD13 even though I’ve only set it to blank the screen after a few minutes. Very annoying. Both batter and mains operation.

Yeah, I had a lot of weirdness with sleep and Win11 when I did a fresh install on my new laptop, which I posted about here: Windows 11 AMD 7840 sleep behavior- constant 4-5w power draw?

Didn’t really figure out a solution for sleep, and I have just been hibernating since that time. I mostly work an entire workday with my laptop on/open each day and then sleep/hibernate at the end of the day until the next workday. Would still love it if sleep worked though. (I have tried sleeping a few times since using the power menu, and it still seems like a crapshoot whether it’ll actually sleep, or just turn off the screen and drain the battery, and whether it will actually wake up.

But hibernate has been pretty solid, with only one freeze on wake in the past month.