[RESPONDED] FW 13 randomly shuts down during sleep (Ubuntu, AMD)

I got my FW 13 a few days ago as a Linux laptop and the experience is really a mixed bag. After fixing issues with my Wi-Fi randomly dropping ([RESPONDED] Wi-Fi Dropping on FW 13 w/ Ubuntu (AMD)) I am encountering a bug so severe, it’s making me consider sending the laptop back :confused:

Sometimes when I close my FW 13, it doesn’t go to sleep but actually shuts down completely. The behaviour occurs randomly. Sometimes, the laptop just goes to sleep, sometimes it completely shuts down, which is just awful.

I also regularly get an Ubuntu crash pop-up which says gjs-console crashed with SIGSEGV in g_slice_free1() but I don’t know if this is related.

My Framework 13:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 7640u
  • Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
  • 6.5.0-1013-oem Kernel
  • BIOS 3.03

I would appreciate any help, I can get, since this bug just makes my Framework unusable for me as daily driver :frowning:

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The cause might be lots of things. To narrow them down a bit.
Before you close the lid, try setting it to go to sleep from the menu. Top-Right → Power → Suspend. Suspend == Sleep.
Then once it has gone to sleep, close the lid.
If this turns out to be a more reliable way to make it sleep, then it could mean a faulty power switch or something like that.

Okay, will try that out and report back, thanks!

HI Max,

In other thread I indicated we need to get you into a ticket. This would also qualify so we can look into logs to see what is happen. Feels like there is definitely something that is not right, I am on my AMD Ryzen laptop right now, suspends without issue.

Please also include this thread in the same ticket. My goal is to get you to a good state with this, and I will also be checking to see if something new has come down that is introducing a new set of errors.

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Hey Matt,

thanks for your reply and suggestion! I will open a ticket as soon as I’m able. Should be tomorrow, latest.

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