[RESPONDED] Hardware monitoring widgets

I haven’t had a full-featured laptop in a long while, so I’m playing catch up. Back in the Gnome 2 days, there were panel applets for monitoring CPU usage & temp, network speed, etc. Is there something similar for Gnome 3?

Running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a 12th gen Framework system.

@Shelley_Adams There are a number of Gnome shell extensions available. I’m currently using this one:
Gnome Shell Extensions - Vitals


Vitals is probably the best one you can get right now!


I like using Conky myself.

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Conky is still around?! That’s awesome! I used conky … 15 years ago?

I nowadays just use my GitHub - LemonBoy/bar: A featherweight, lemon-scented, bar based on xcb with a icon font.

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How cool that Conky is still an active project!

Over a decade ago, I used it and devilspie to display a custom system monitor over the wallpaper on a tiny little Acer netbook that I bought in graduate school. I’ll have to dig around to see if I still have my old config files for that.

That’s awesome! Yeah, I remember using Conky for the first time (about that same time period). It’s a great tool and it’s cool to see MX LInux still uses it. Bring back Compiz and we’re all set. :slight_smile:

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