[RESPONDED] Intel i5 1340p Performance and Battery, Linux

I’m on the fence on whether to wait for my AMD 7840 preorder (batch 5) or pull the trigger now on an i5 1340p. My hesitation is how well the i5 will perform with Ubuntu on it. So I’m wondering:

  • What has your experience been like running Linux (more specifically Ubuntu) with the i5 1340p?
  • How has your battery life been under low-intensity tasks? (I’m a web developer, so I run VSCode, up to 20 Firefox/Chrome tabs, and usually some mix of Spotify, Signal, and Syncthing; I consider this low-intensity given my 6 year old XPS 15 handles it fine). I’d really love to hear some typical ranges in hours.
  • What kinds of tasks seem to push your machine to run its fans? Similarly, what are the upper limits of your machine’s capabilities (what makes it start to bog down and run slower)?
  • If you have the i7 1360p, do you consider it a significant enough upgrade (along with the larger battery) to warrant the extra cost?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide. I’ve been researching this for a couple weeks now and have seen all kinds of different numbers and opinions on these topics. I thought the best place to find out must be from users themselves.


Not commenting outside of mentioning that we will continue to recommend Ubuntu 22.04.3 and Fedora 38. I will also say that we will have a variation of our TLP guides (not out yet) for AMD.