[RESPONDED] Immediate Wakeup from Hibernation on Framework 16 with Fedora 39

I’m having some issues with the Framework 16. After creating a swap file and setting up hibernation, whenever I try to hibernate my system, it immediately wakes up. This does not happen when I suspend my machine. How can I figure out what is causing it to wake up, and how can I fix the issue?

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Correct, we test for suspend (s2idle), but unfortunately I have not had cycles available to test against Hibernate.

Symptomatically speaking, what you describe feels like your swap may not be large enough. Remember swap space size should equal the amount of RAM in your laptop. Anything less and what you describe will absolutely happen. Also, make sure /etc/fstab has the reference to the swapfile.

And if LUKS is enabled, you will need to get your UUID of your encrypted partition, find the resume offset, among other steps.

The swapfile is 48 gigabytes, and I have 32 gigs of memory, so I doubt that’s the issue. Also, /etc/fstab does have a reference to my swapfile, and while I’m not using LUKS encryption, I have set up the resume and resume_offset in my /etc/default/grub folder. Strangely, the screen stays dark for about 30 seconds before turning back on.