[TRACKING] Fedora 37 Hibernate

I have gotten hibernation enabled on F37 KDE with a swap partition and have my grub and fstab set up with the correct UUID. I also have resume added to dracut. I can click the power button and then select hibernate and it resumes fine. The problem is systemctl hibernate does not resume but only gives a black screen. The same result from systemctl suspend-then-hibernate.

I have not tested this on my Fedora 37 Framework yet as it’s encrypted and I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Note the use of swap file, not partition - swap partition did not work reliably for me.

That said, this “should” be pretty close as this is what I use on Ubuntu:

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Thanks. I am not using encryption on my system. I will try with a btrfs sub partition and a swap file, but earlier the btrfs sub partition was giving the same result.

I tried your instructions and BTRFS does not allow swapfiles. It seems they did fix it if you make it in a subpartition, but following Btrfs - ArchWiki I get this error:

sudo btrfs filesystem mkswapfile swap/swapfile
ERROR: cannot create new swapfile: File exists

Let’s shoot for a swap partition instead. My brain blanked on this being Fedora (BTRFS).

We’ll need to create a swap partition. Gparted or in the fdisk. Then enable it, with swapon and onward with the appropriate settings from there.

Let me see about putting this together for you over the weekend for Fedora (supporting its file system this time) and circle back. It will require me to use a swap partition.

Update: I have not had time to get this together, been replying to forum posts all day. It’s on my to do list and is coming.